Example Dialogue

September 3, 2007

This is only one of thousands of possible scenarios one might have when sharing the gospel. So what is the point of this example dialogue? It is to show the meat and substance that the message should Biblically entail. Look at the gospel calls that the Apostles give in Acts and compare its substance to this. See if I’m on track here!

Of course, witnessing also entails genuinely wanting to get to know people and many times it entails just talking to people about their beliefs. Yet, those things are NOT the heart of the message itself. When you DO share the message, make sure of one thing. Make sure you share the message!

Remember, the message is 100% powerful to save. You are 0% powerful to save. Don’t apologize for God’s offensive message. If you do, 1. you don’t really know it yourself, 2. you’re not ready to share it, and 3. you’ll have to take it up with God that His message is too offensive. Good luck with that!

Messenger: “Have you ever heard the real gospel?”

Unbeliever: “I think. Isn’t it that Jesus loves me, or that I have to except Jesus into my heart?”

Messenger: “Not entirely. Do you mind if I tell you the real gospel?” (since so many Christians have been awesomely unfaithful to it…)

Unbeliever: “Yeah, sure I guess.”
(Ten Commandments)
Messenger: “OK, so first let me ask you a simple question. Are you a good person?”

Unbeliever: “Umm, yeah. I’ve never killed anyone.”

Messenger: “Can I ask you some more questions to see if Jesus Christ, who is God, views you as good?”

Unbeliever: “Alright, sure.”

Messenger: “OK. I’m going to use Christ’s standard of goodness which is Himself. This is revealed in the 2-dimensional form of the Ten Commandments. So, have you ever told a lie?”

Unbeliever: “Of course, everyone has. That doesn’t make me a bad person though.”

Messenger: “OK. Have you ever stolen, lusted in your heart, or used God’s name in vain?”

Unbeliever: “Of course, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I still haven’t killed anyone.”

Messenger: “Alright, but according to God’s commands, this is what you would be: A liar, a thief, an adulterer, and a blasphemer.”

Unbeliever: “OK, but God forgives us.”

Messenger: “Well not quite. God doesn’t hand out forgiveness like free coupons. If you’re even some of those things I mentioned, then why should God forgive you if He judges you?”

Unbeliever: “Because those are all small things. Everyone makes those mistakes.”
Messenger: Well scripture shows that God doesn’t overlook even a single sin. This is because God is perfect Himself and hates lawlessness. God demands perfection from you, me, and everyone else. James 2:10 says if anyone breaks one command, they’re as guilty as breaking them all. Also, Romans 6:23 says the penalty of sin is death. It’s not that God is bad, but that we are bad and He is good and He upholds what is good. So if God requires perfection from you, what will you do if He judges you?”

Unbeliever: “Well, I don’t even believe in God so it doesn’t matter.”

Messenger: “Then let’s assume Jesus Christ does exist for a moment. Wouldn’t you be in big trouble after you die and He judges you? In fact, by your own admission, you would have broken His commands and would be guilty. Doesn’t that concern you?”

Unbeliever: “No, and I think I’m done with this conversation. I don’t believe in God, but thanks for preaching at me.”
Messenger: “Hold on a second. Let me at least tell you the good news of the gospel. If everything I’ve said up to this point is true, and Christ judges you according to your sin, you’d be in big trouble. But Jesus Christ lived a perfect life because you couldn’t. He also died so you may not have to. God will either punish your sin in you or punish your sins in Jesus Christ. If He punishes your sin in Jesus Christ, then you can rest assure that God does not find any fault with you.”

Unbeliever: “Ok, so what do I have to do then?”
Messenger: “Well actually, this is God’s free gift of grace. Therefore, you can’t really do anything. But here is God’s promise. He says you can be assured of Jesus’ work on your behalf, if you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord, and you repent. Only one who believes Jesus Christ is their Lord will know they are right with Him. Please call on Him as Lord to know you are right with Him. Secondly, those who repent, or strive to love God with all their heart, mind, and soul will also know they are right with Him also.”

Unbeliever: “So God forces us to believe in Him or we have to suffer? That sounds like a real fair God. What if I have better things to do then be a Christian?”
Messenger: “Well you’re right. God hasn’t given you very many options. But, if everything I’ve said is true, then you’ve still got to consider those options. That means, being rescued from sin and death should be your biggest priority since the penalty is so great. But let me tell you the greatest part of Christ rescuing us from sin, lies, darkness, and ultimately His judgment. It is so we can see, experience, and know God through Jesus Christ forever. If you don’t think that is great then think about how wonderful lightning, art, music, super-novas, animals, etc are! Christ created all this splendor but He Himself is greater. Apart from Him we are paupers. He is the eternal fulfillment to our eternal longing. I hope you receive Christ, not only for judgment sake, but moreso for the sake of knowing Jesus Christ forever. At least think about what I’ve said.”

Unbeliever: “Thanks. I’ll think about that.” or “Screw you. I’m a good person!”

Regardless of the response you get, you can be glad that you’ve been faithful to the message which God uses to save the spiritually blind, deaf, and dead. You’ve participated in the eternal! Now you yourself have experienced more of God in doing His will! What a joy!



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