September 3, 2007

T – (Ten Commandments) Memorize the Ten Commandments today. Use them to reveal sin. In other words, get the sinner lost. Do this firmly, but in love.

R – (Requirements) Push the sinner off the cliff of self-righteousness. Secure getting them lost with James 2:10 and Galatians 3:10. God requires sinless perfection from us.

A – (Answer) Explain how Christ is the only answer for their sin problem and their wrath problem. Make clear how His life, death, and resurrection create this possibility.

C – (Calling) Call the sinner to believe in the good news and to change their mind and ways towards Christ. Invite them to receive Christ as the one who lived, died, and rose on their behalf.

K – (Know) Charm the unbeliever that Jesus Christ ultimately saves us to know Himself. Expound on how God is our true pleasure and desire. Only Jesus brings us to God who is our true fulfillment. Our saddest condition is that this would be prevented.

*Share these things with the person in the mirror too!



  1. Hello,

    I like your blog. TRACK is a good way to remember it. I’ve never seen that before. I especially like “R” for people who after having gone throught the Ten Commandments still think they deserve to go to heaven.


  2. Bill, it delights me to know that this acrostic is helpful to other beleivers, such as yourself. I made up TRACK as an easy way to memorize how to preach. If I were to chronologically walk someone through the gospel using Bible verses I would use 1.Ex 20, 2.James 2:10, 3.Rom 6:23, 4.Heb 9:27, 5.Rom 2:5, 6.Rom 8:1-4, 7.John 17:3.

    I agree, “R” is crucial in preaching. I’ve witnessed to people and had to anchor them back to God’s holiness with use of the ‘R’. This point should reveal to Catholics as well that the consequence of any sin is either/or. Because of sin, we must ‘either’ be seperated from God forever, ‘or’ not because of Christ. Thus, Purgatory flies in the face of God’s purity, because a single sin is us waging war on God forever.

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