Why obey God’s commands?

September 3, 2007


We often laugh on the inside at those whom we lack respect for. When we willfully sin against God, we are doing no differently. We don’t really believe that He knows what He’s talking about. We think we know better than our Lord.

A defiant, careless, and rebellious attitude usually comes from a shortage of trustworthy authority in one’s life. Those who have been deprived of trustworthy authority in their lives have a hard time viewing any authority whatsoever as virtuous. But when it comes to God’s law, or His commandments, we must first know this about God. He is worthy to be obeyed.

I’ve had to recently ask myself “when has God ever let me down?” In fact, when has He ever let me down to such a degree that I am fully willing to compromise on His commands, sin against Him, and believe that His ways are not sure and good? If we are truly honest with the faithful character of God we will realize that He is always good to those who are His children. Therefore, as His children, we should be able to trust Him with a right heart.

While we are challenged to obey God’s commands we should ask ourselves “has He proved Himself worthy?” or “has He ever wronged us?”. But we act as through God has mistreated us when we live in continual defiance of Him. We should not resent obeying His good ways as though they were foolish, nor should we obey in order to merely conform. Rather, we should do what God says because we love Him, we know that He means us good not harm, and we accept that He is trustworthy. We can know He is trustworthy in accordance to the testimony we have of Him in Scripture (Psalm 77), the cross (Rom 5:8), and our own lives.

An earthly father who has an upright character would surely take his rebellious child aside and ask “what have I done to make you disobey me? Where have I mislead you that would make me unworthy to be respected? When did I hurt or offend you so greatly that you would cease to accept my counsel or advice?” Even those earthly Fathers who have proved to be trustworthy ought to have earned the respect of their children.

But how much more our Heavenly Father who is perfect. He has never, and will never, prove to be anything other than trustworthy. We can trust His love for us, especially in looking at the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ. Rom 5:8 says that God demonstrates His love for us in this way: that while we were sinners [giving God the finger], Christ died for us. And our Bibles tell us that those who died with Him will also rise with Him, Rom 6:5-11. He has sealed the fate of those who are the objects of His love forever, Rom 8:29.

Those who believe the gospel, and know they are right with God can be assured of their relationship with the Lord. But let us not only declare that Christianity is about relationship, but also about being in relationship with a God who is actually worthy to be trusted.


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