Prosperity Pimps

November 15, 2007

Here is a sermon by Donnie Swaggart, Jimmy Swaggart’s son, revealing the sin of the prosperity, health, and wealth gospel. He refers to prosperity gospel preachers as “prosperity pimps”, and rightfully does so. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Here are some quotes he said that stuck out to me:

“[Upset] when a preacher tells you that if you give so much that God has to give you so much in return… that’s a lie.”

“[Upset] when a preacher stands up and says the blessing of Abraham is wealth… that is a lie. The blessing of Abraham is justification by faith. The bible says “Abraham believed God and God accounted it unto him as righteousness”.”

“[In tears] we are selling Jesus… we are selling the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords… we are selling Jesus Christ, the one who bore the stripes upon His back, who took our punishment that we deserve… we are selling Him at bargain basement prices.”

“These prosperity pimps make prosperity a means of lively-hood. Have you ever noticed the only ones driving the Rolls-Royce is them and not you?”




  1. Good for Donnie! Telling it like it is to Paula White and others of her ilk!!

  2. “prosperity pimps” are nothing new. BUT… my opinion about them is “Ex-ter-min-ate them!” we don’t need more thieves. People are evil enough.

  3. Jeremy, if we exterminated prosperity pimps, wouldn’t that be eliminating sin with sin? It seems prosperity pimps come in all shapes and sizes. The church needs greater discernment and more decent Bible teachers.

  4. If a preacher tells you to plant any amount of money, (by giving it to them or the church) and the tree of wealth will grow giving you an abundance of money in return, that is a false doctrine. If a preacher, as myself, states to live a wealthy life spirtually, physically, and mentally and you shall be prosperous in all things you do, I am speaking from the word of God. Wealth does not have to equate to money. Usually the people who impoverish themselves with lack of spirituality and reign in their negative mental state, equate wealth as an evil. To preach prosperity is not pimping Jesus. Do you really think Jesus wants anyone to live impoverished in all states of form that includes more than money? Think it through!

  5. Stephen, I don’t see Donnie being in disagreement with your statements. He is mostly against those who abuse their physical wealth by misrepresenting the gospel with it. People can be unrighteous rich, righteous rich, unrighteous poor, and righteous poor. I’m not sure who these Christians are who believe that they are forever justified of their sin before Christ, yet also mope around and want to be poor, unhealthy, and negative. Sounds like whoever they are they need to re-learn the gospel and hopefully find a good church. Being poor, however, isn’t the tell tale sign of a un-spriritual Christian. That may be someone’s calling, like it was for Christ. Paul said in Phil 4:12-14 “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

  6. Cameron, you make my point. Your statement, “Being poor, however, isn’t the tell tale sign of a un-spriritual Christian,” is where I disagree. You are automatically associating poor with a financial definition. In my definition of poor, if a person is poor in Christ (sinner/non-believer) then they are spiratually poor. If a person is poor in thinking (Negative), they are mentally poor. My ideology behind ministers who preach a prosperity theology is they are preaching the Gospel. (The Good News) Most uneducated in Christianity believe the bible to be a book of doom and gloom. It is up to us to spread the good news and path to salvation. I also disagree with the ideology of contentness with one’s self. We are to be creator’s as our father was a creator. Could you imagine if God was content on the second day of creation? Strive to serve the Lord in all walks of your life, Strive to spread the word, Strive to live your best life, and strive to keep the commandmants and you are fulfilling God’s will. Jim Baker is prime example of your argument and he will dealt with accordingly. However, if Jim and Tammy Faye Baker led one heart to Christ, isn’t it all the will of God? I just wish Donnie would have steered clear of the phrase “prosperity pimps.” It gives propserity a bad name, when seeking prosperity is positive.

  7. Yes I am associating the word ‘poor’ with the idea of being physically poor because that is how it is most commonly used. Likening ‘poor’ to being ‘negative’ and a ‘sour puss’ is just playing symantics. Nevertheless, I see your point. And the bible is a book of doom and gloom but also of rescue and hope. Both are the gospel. The gospel entails very bad news conjoined with very good news for those who believe and repent. If it’s not both, it’s not the gospel.

  8. To cameron, yes… that kind of extermination [killing] is true… my idea of it is to basically KICK THEM OFF of the broadcast/cable stations, or simply, get people to NOT listen/view their shows.

    sadly, the quote from Men in black holds true “A person [1 single individual] is smart… people are dumb…” so it’s kind of tough to get PEOPLE to stop supporting the “pimps” . However, by being persuasive [in a righteous manner, not with violence but with the Word of God and evidence of wrongdoing [of those who abuse such things as wealth and scripture]] we may be able to help the church understand that the “other” gospel they preach is wrong.

  9. I think that most of what was said was correct however for you to speak against prosperity is against the word of God. So the very thing your accusing other ministers of doing your doing yourself just in another manner. Jesus was an extremely wealthy man and the bible talks more about prosperity then it does about prayer! So now tell me that God doesn’t want me to be wealthy. Now I agree with the fact of it is wrong for a minister to ask a certain amount or call something holy that is not holy. I agree 100% with that but you also cannot judge other ministers less you be judged. So judge not.

  10. Jesus said He had no place to lay His head, became poor for our sake, and had to tithe by doing a miracle. Jesus was not rich. He just seems rich through the lens of that type of false teaching. There is nothing inherently wrong with being rich, neither is there with being poor.

    And the verses which talk about prosperity are in the OT and are specifically to the nation of Israel, or could be escatalogical (depending on the context). It is not a univesal principle as far as physical wealth goes.

    The context of not judging lest you be judged is if you condemn someone for a sin that you yourself are in. Not merely making Biblical judgments.

    Thanks for your reply Jordan.

  11. What makes him any different then any other “prosperity pimp”. He is passing the plate every Sunday just like every other preacher and trying to maximize his tithes. Seems like he is just jealous that his memebers are not blessing him like the members of Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar,and Joel Olsteen.

  12. Passes the plate for the ministry or his own pocket? If the latter, I’m curious how you know so much about this. I’m not familiar with it myself. And at least Donnie Swaggart knows what the Abrahamic covenant really is and doesn’t twist it to be material blessing like some churches. So what, so what.

  13. When i visit a blog, chances are that i get disappointed.On the other hand,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  14. Thanks Krysta 🙂

  15. AMEN!! I was watching this on YouTube today, and all the time i was sayin, “YOU BETTA TELLEM, BROTHER DONNIE”!

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