Benny Hinn (Let The Bodies Hit The Floor)

May 11, 2008

There are a lot of emotions one may have after watching this video. Some may be angry that this video mocks Benny Hinn. Others may be angry and feel they’ve been manipulated because they once practically confused Hinn for the Holy Spirit. Some may laugh at the person who made the video and think “if only they experienced the true power of the Spirit. Then they too would bolt to a Hinn crusade”. Others may laugh and think “this is the result of people having bad theology plus being put on the spot and expected to do something while in a hyper-emotional state for the sake of being approved by a church that is supposedly in tune with God’s most spiritual activity and that happens to be a CEO of the church world”.

Besides all the differing emotions one may have while watching this video, I challenge you to ponder these questions:

1) Is this type of activity biblical? If so, where? If not, does that matter?

2) What is the overarching goal to “falling down in the Spirit”?

3) What is the Holy Spirit’s actual message and mission? Is it the gospel? Is it the sanctification of believers? Is it conviction of sin? Is it the conversion of God’s elect? Is it love and faithfulness? If so, are these things being emphasized near as much as “falling out in the Spirit” by Hinn and others of his kind?

4) Is Jesus Christ made greatly known in all this? If so, how? If not, would that concern Him? The Spirit testifies of Christ (John 15:26). Jesus wants to be let into churches that don’t fully welcome Him (Rev 3:20).



  1. I could not even watch the entire video because it Hinn is con artist at best, and an tool of the devil at most. Or course, most of these ‘bodies’ hitting the floor are orchestrated in advance to impress the audience so they will donate more money to this satanic man.

    Cameron, you know all the answers to the questions you posed so you know how evil this guy really is and how many people he is deceiving. Hinn is an ‘actor’ and just plays a part to separate you from your money. He will face judgment like all of us = just wish I could watch!


  2. Yep. It’s amazing what people will do to join the band wagon of the church circus.

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