Arminianism + Butt Rock = Stryper-Free

May 11, 2008

I love the 80’s rock band Stryper. But as the saying goes, “ideas have consequences”, so the idea of libertarian free will has consequences, whether it be bad theology or butt rock! By libertarian free will I mean the belief that a dead and unrepentant sinner is only indifferent to God, rather than only hostile to Him (Rom 8:6-8). Arminianism teaches that dead and unrepentant sinners can still conjure up at least an ounce of love for the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to save them.

The song sort of flaunts this “take it or leave it” offer as a way of saying, “hey, you’re free to do what you want to”. It’s as though they’re casually implying, “it’s cooler to look out for yourself and choose Heaven, but if you still want to choose Hell then go ahead.”

However, I believe you’ll find the most effective and Biblical way to evangelize is to first understand how spiritually dead sinners actually are! So dead in fact that they can’t make decisions to love God. As Ernest Reisinger says “we are to teach people the gospel (in hopes that God will use it to change their heart), NOT “decision” them.” (Mat 28:02) Yes, we must ask them to make a decision, but the major clarification is that they are making a decision to “find out” what Christ will do with them, not make a decision to “determine” what he does with them.

The lyrics in this video will explain what I am actually talking about.

Please use caution when watching! In case you missed the 80’s, you’re about to see long girly hair and tight butt squeezing leather pants!


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