Practical Evangelism

October 13, 2008

This is very cool:



  1. I thought this video was great, except for three key parts.
    Firstly, I do believe we should evangelize to youths such a myself, but this video made it sound as if the Gospel is so insecure and Christ is too weak to move the hearts of the elderly. (God has told us to teach the gospel, and he will send the Holy Spirit to do the rest)
    Secondly, I was offended when it said that most of the commission will be completed if we do so and so. Jesus said that it will never be finished until he comes to take us home.
    Thirdly, where did Jesus fit into all of this? Are we to make plans without his guidance? Do we set the standard for his commands?

  2. Yeah, on your second point, the makers of it may have been Post-mil, j/k.

    On your third point, I think they were just offering practical solutions to evangelism, not necessarily defining its methods once and for all. Who knows.

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