What Is Christmas (Jesus’ Birth) All About?

December 20, 2010

Christmas time includes many things such as Santa Clause, presents, eggnog, etc. But what about Christ himself? Granted this is all so convoluted due to thousands of years ago when Constantine intertwined pagan holidays with Christianity (or vice versa), and the same goes for Easter – as hardly anyone seems to understand the significance of Christ’s resurrection. But that’s all a whole other matter. Since there are these distractions that this holiday carries, here is my friendly and short reminder of what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is about Jesus Christ. Moreso, his virgin birth. What is so significant about the virgin birth? It is simply this: If you take God + a finite human woman (Mary) then this will = the second Adam, the God-Man, Jesus Christ who is a perfect sin substitute for us begging sinners. Jesus’ God nature enabled our Mediator to be sinless, whereby his righteousness could become ours. Jesus’ human nature enabled him to be a perfect sin substitute for humans (that’s us!). It’s amazing. It’s not just a miraculous birth. It’s a purposeful birth unto redemption for the world!

Don’t be like the Roman Catholic and obsess yourself with the doctrine of the immaculate conception to where it is believed that Mary was sinless, and that this sinlessness was needed to help preserve Christ’s sinless conception as well. Hmmm. But wait?! Does that mean Mary’s parents were sinless so she could be preserved? And what about their parents, and so on? Interesting how Rome doesn’t teach this. If Mary can be sinless while springing forth from a sinful humanity, how much more Jesus Christ, the God-Man?! Amazing consistency on Rome’s part!

Even Popes in the past have said that only Jesus was sinless. So why was that never a “tradition” of Rome? But thousands of years later, not until the 19th century, this stupid doctrine was decreed by Rome and is said to be part of the gospel even though history records no early fathers from the patristic period knowing anything about it. Sure Mary gave birth to Christ, whereby the Son of God lived in her by virtue of his additional human nature. Yet, let us not forget that Christ’s divine nature also created Mary, held her being together, and even held her being together in order for it to hold his additional human nature together. In the end, Christ upholds all with no help from Mary!

Obsess yourself with Jesus Christ this Christmas! He is the perfect Mediator between us sinful creatures and the only eternal holy God. There need be no mediator for the Mediator. God does not need help from his creation. He is a perfect Savior for us begging sinners and amidst redemption he calls us his friends. He’s not disappointed with those who are in him by faith. He lived the life they couldn’t, died the death they deserve, and rose to prove it all satisfactory!

Instead of just spoiling your kids and lying to them about Santa in order to manipulate them into being “good” and not “naughty”, which reeks of religiosity, tell your children and remind yourself of the gospel this year. In-spite of us all being naughty every single day, God still gives us presents and treats us as loving children. He doesn’t put us on the naughty list which we all deserve and withhold presents. Instead, he lives the life we can’t, dies the death we deserve, and gives us the gift of eternal life where we will always be in awe of him. Our presents under the tree can be an example of his love and grace to us, in-spite of the fact that we all deserve to be judged for our disgusting sins.


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