It’s A Beautiful Day

March 13, 2011

I had a dream last night that U2 was giving a concert and the crowd wasn’t listening. Ha! That proves it’s only a dream of course! The band was trying to play the song ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ but the crowd wouldn’t quite down and poor U2 couldn’t start the song. I went up to Bono and told him, “just tell them something important”. Then as I walked away I thought of another thing. I quickly turned around and went back to him and said, “but makes sure it’s from the heart”. He said “OK”.

Then as I walked away and re-entered the crowd I could hear him talking over the mic. He said, “Jesus Christ took the wrath that we deserve, and therefore, it’s a beautiful day”. In my dream, I wasn’t even expecting him to say that. Touched by the humbling and powerful words, everyone in the crowd quieted down and many were crying as the band lead into the song. I was in awe and remembered it vividly when I woke up! I thought I’d share it on here just for kicks.


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