UPDATE!!! Harold Camping Says Christ Is Returning on May 21st, 2011 (He’s Nuts)

March 24, 2011

UPDATE!!! Well we’re all still here. The end of the world is appealing because we all yearn for perfect justice and to finally see our risen Lord as he is. But Biblically speaking, we aren’t supposed to know the DATE! That’s why those fools are now recorded in the news as being “surprised” that it didn’t happen.

What we need to do now is:

1. have this be another reminder, out of the million times this has happened in the past, that we shouldn’t date set!

2. We need to pray for the fools to repent and not think that Christ has abandoned them, but realize that they were sinning in trying to date set (since Mat 24 says no one knows, not even the Son). Those that are truly saved should still anticipate Christ’s return, but not date set!

3. We need to focus on the gospel. That’s the purpose of this blog. So many idols exist in the church today, rather than Christ and his message of hope. We need to emphasize the gospel more than TAG and more than the return of Christ. We need to emphasize Christ more than we emphasize implications of Christ, otherwise that reveals our idols.

4. All those Camping followers need to go back to their jobs, or get re-hired after foolishly quiting, and do what God has called them to do. They need to learn how to anticipate Christ’s return, but also do the work of an ambassador for Christ while they’re still here, not just whine about how bad the world is and date-set.

5. All of Camping’s followers, and all true believers who are zealous for the return of Christ (as we should all be in a way) need to deliberately remind themselves that no only is the world evil “out there”, but is also evil “in here”. We are all evil in our own ways, we all still sin, and perfection wont come until Christ returns. Christ hasn’t taken us out of the world yet for a reason. He wants us to share his gospel in the world while we’re still here. Believers need to be reminded of it daily too so that we can live as though we’re changed by it in this world. Christ has not chosen to take us out of the world. Stop trying to make him take us out before he says it’s time. He doesn’t want you out yet! You’re here for a reason until you die and God can use you while your still here for his purposes.

I remember when I was driving in my car in Seattle, listening to Family Radio, and for the first time heard this old guy taking calls from listeners. From what I heard he gave pretty sound Biblical answers. Then all of a sudden my smile turned into a frown as he began telling this sweet old lady about how Jesus is returning on May 21st, 2011 and that all “Biblical signs” point to this.

There’s nothing Biblically wrong with believing Jesus is returning, but there is something Biblically wrong with thinking you know exactly when he’s returning. As soon as he started talking about how he knows the exact day of Christ’s return, it sent up huge red flags for me. Then a couple years later I came across a radio debate that he and James R. White did. It all the more made me realize how off he really is. The debate can be found here. I recommend listening to all 5 mp3’s of the debate. Day 3 is really good because White takes calls from Camping’s followers.

Here are some quick reasons why he is deluded:

1. Scripture says it is not for us to know the day or hour of the return. Yet, we must be like the apostles and believe in an eminent return – a return which would occur at anytime.

2. Camping’s Biblical hermeneutic is extremely inconsistent, thus his conclusions are extreme. He interprets certain parts of the Bible as overtly “spiritual”, and other parts literally, ignoring context, consistency, the author’s intent, and the understanding of the original audience, when deciding which should be the case.

3. Harold Camping makes himself out to be a modern day prophet whereby we must all look to him to know what the true interpretation of Scripture is. This is no different than what Joseph Smith and many other occultists have done in the past. It assumes that no one has been able to interpret Scripture accurately for 2,000 years until he finally came along.

4. Because of Camping’s abuse of Scripture, it lends itself to him also drifting away from orthodoxy, such as with the Trinity. Camping is basically a Modalist and says Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit are all one person. Actually, to an extent I agree with this because I hate tri-theism just as much as I hate Modalism, yet I also acknowledge that the 3 persons of the Trinity are fully distinct as well.

5. Camping takes more of his time to talk about the return of Christ then the gospel of Christ. Anytime a Christian talks more about a specific doctrine of Christ, apart from the focus being Christ himself, then you can know where their idol rests.

I hope this helps and gives some basic awareness of Harold Camping. If Christ doesn’t return on May 21st, then many of his followers will be disappointed and think there’s something wrong with the Bible, and walk away from Christianity. Hopefully they will realize they need to put their hope in Christ, not Camping, and will begin to study the Bible for all it’s worth.



  1. Harold has done this before. is first book was called 1994. When the world didn’t end he vowed not to do it again but here he is. He is a tad nutty and seriously believes in his own dogmas. He thinks the Bible interprets itself which by his definition means that what ever he finds in the Bible that he can connect you are not free to disagree.

  2. Interesting. Sounds like he’s worse now then ever before in the past. It’s very sad, but it’s even more sad that many are following him. Even if we could come up with the numbers he’s finding in the Bible, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re to interpret it as being the time of Christ’s return as he is. His followers don’t realize that.

    If Jesus doesn’t return on May 21st, I hope Camping dies before he has the chance to mislead more people.

  3. if camping leeds anyone astray he will be in real trubble
    and those people following him now.. its true. grown people can be that stupid. and its realy stupid that camping believes i the bible where god says no one knows when.. yet he says he told him when in the bible.. if it comes ok. i go home. if not. then ill have to wait in the grave

  4. Even if Jesus does return on May 21st, he might even judge Camping and his followers more strictly (James 3:1) since they sought to know the day of the return, when Jesus said no one is to know (Mat 24:36)! They’re brining judgment on themselves by going against Jesus’ teaching, even if they’re right.

  5. If you read “The Doomsday Code” which is the basis for all this nonsense, it is full of contradictions. One major example is the following, which is in the part of the book where they define the Bible timeline.

    On pages 141 – 142 of The Doomsday Code, it reads

    “From Adam, and continuing on through a long series of patriarchs – whom we may call calendar patriarchs – God builds a calendar. A great deal of this calendar is contained in Genesis chapters 5 and 11. In Genesis 11:16-17, we see a typical formula for presenting the information about one of these calendar patriarchs, in this case a man named Eber:

    And Eber lived four and thirty years, and begat Peleg:
    And Eber lived after he begat Peleg four hundred and thirty years, and begat sons and daughters.

    As we read this scripture about Eber and Peleg, and compare it with the previously quoted scripture about Adam and Seth, we might easily conclude that Peleg was Eber’s son. Seth was indeed Adam’s son. Notice, however, that Adam named his son: he “called
    his name Seth.” We do not find comparable words in the scripture about Eber and Peleg. In fact, we cannot conclude that Peleg was the son of Eber.”

    Yet, on page 147, it reads,

    “The Bible also gives us a hint of another incredible phenomenon in earth’s history. In Genesis 10:25, we read:

    And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.”

    If you read the entire context of Chapter’s 10 and 11 of Genesis, you see that this is the same Eber and Pelag.

    How do you reconcile this obvious contradiction?

    The answer is you can’t. When you read more detail and find other contradictions, it is clear that these folks have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

  6. Thanks for the insight Steve. I haven’t heard much about this, but good to know.

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