Alfred Russel Wallace (Co-Founder of Evolution Turned Theist)

January 25, 2012

Have you ever heard of Alfred Wallace? I haven’t until recently. He was a 19th century biologist, and co-founder of Evolution with Charles Darwin. At the same time, he is essentially the grandfather of ID. Rather than being a theist whom eventually became a naturalist (as Darwin was), he was a naturalist whom eventually became a theist because of his findings in nature and animals. Contrary to animals pointing him towards naturalism like it did with Darwin, they pointed him away from naturalism and towards intelligence and purpose behind the complexities of nature. Unfortunately, we don’t hear Wallace’s opinions today, but only hear about Darwin’s dogmatic naturalism.

Here’s an excerpt from alfredwallace.org: Both Wallace and Darwin were committed to science, but their conceptions of science were dramatically different: for Wallace science was simply the search for truth in the natural world; for Darwin science must invoke only natural processes functioning via unbroken natural laws in nonteleological ways.

Wallace traveled, documented, classified, and researched far more than Darwin.


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