Talking Snake

May 24, 2013

(talking snake part starts at 5:40)

You can also watch Bill Maher interview Dawkins about it. Maher has been throwing this around as an attempt to trap people into looking dumb for believing the Bible’s stories. I wish I could be on his show and answer his questions. I would simply ask him that if he believes that since human animals evolved to talk, then why does he preclude the possibility of snakes having once done so? According to his worldview there’s no logical reason one should reject the possibility, unless Maher is perhaps a speciesict (= a racist towards other species) and believes that only the human race can evolve to talk. I am not advocating macro Evolution, but am simply pointing out the logical inconsistency that the atheist is ignoring given their own assumptions. If to them one can evolve, why not the other? I’d really like to know.

From the Biblical perspective God is revealing to us his grand story of redemption. And it is a story which is multifaceted. One of the parts is that we must defeat a type of dragon. And if we’re honest, we know that all good stories include this theme.

In addition, it’s miraculous that we can even talk. That itself is proof of God. We have only ever inferred that intelligence comes from prior intelligence. In addition, to have intelligence you also need life. No matter how much Evolution is proven, or ever will be, it does not preclude God’s existence. Evolution deals with the origin of the species, which assumes life. It does not deal with the origin of life itself, which assumes intelligence, hence DNA coding.

We’ve only ever inferred intelligence coming from prior intelligence, and life coming from prior life. We so far can’t even theorize how intelligence could arise from non-intelligence, or how life could arise from non-life. Yet, some secular scientists are so sure — and so absolutely positive — that someday we will find intelligent life out there in outer space, but we can’t even theorize how our life here began. Our pop-culture now wants other life to exist, but just make sure it can’t be God. Seems odd that they would want any other life to exist, yet from a Biblical anthropology it makes sense why we would yearn for more than ourselves.


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