Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love (Analysis)

June 1, 2013

I started hearing this song on the radio and thought I’d share my thoughts about it on this pathetic stage — a blog. I wish I could have media access somehow to talk about these things openly. But until then, I’ll just share my thoughts here. I love the craftiness of this song. The artist is definitely a talented lyricist, and the tune is very catchy. It sound a lot like the Common in my opinion.

Story and music are extremely powerful tools when it comes to influencing people’s views and understanding. I would bet my liver that all media outlets and producers profoundly understand this truth. They understand its power. Whether it’s a story or a song, it usually is told in such a way that makes us feel good. It will be catchy and will hook us with its hooks.

Then we’ll think, “Gee, I like this. How can something so pleasing be wrong? If it’s pleasing then surely it’s true!” Unfortunately, the classical period (early 20th century) holds the last remnant of Christians being the leaders in producing that which is pleasing. Now we are left with short attention spans infused with cutting edge technology fashioning entertainment for our minds. We don’t know what to compare it to, thus go “umm, ok I’ll take it since there’s nothing else to choose from”. The Christian music sub-culture isn’t helping, but is making it worse with its unbreakable mold. We need to get back to a naissance as Christians. I digress. Here are my thoughts on this song:

When I was in the 3rd grade

I thought that I was gay

Cause I could draw, my uncle was

And I kept my room straight

I told my mom, tears rushing down my face

She’s like, Ben you’ve loved girls since before pre-K

Tripping yeah

I guess she had a point, didn’t she

A bunch of stereotypes all in my head

I remember doing the math like

Yeah, I’m good at little league

A pre-conceived idea of what it all meant

This indicates that something will influence our sexuality, and will do so from a young age. But what should influence it the most? Public schools? Hollywood’s heart-warming movies? Confused music artists? Non of these will ever suffice, and traditional stereo-types aren’t any better.

For those that like the same sex had the characteristics

The right-wing conservatives think it’s a decision

And you can be cured with some treatment and religion

Man-made, rewiring of a pre-disposition

Playing God

This is attempting to play the guilty by association card, and myopically creates an “either/or” mentality. Calling something a sin, or wrong, in this day and age automatically means you’re a Republican. Does it matter what kind of Republican, or if one disagrees with gay-marriage does it not matter what kind? Can one believe homosexuality is a sin and still be a Democrat, or have Democratic leanings on other issues? The Bible teaches that we are all pre-disposed to sin, and that it evidences itself in countless, yet common ways, to all humanity with no exception. The Bible does not call us to be cured of the struggle of sin in this life, but it does call us to repentance.

Ahh nah, here we go

America the brave

Still fears what we don’t know

And ‘God loves all his children’ is somehow forgotten

But we paraphrase a book written

3,500 years ago

I don’t know

He doesn’t know and is confused. Which is it, agree with the Bible or not? The NT clearly reiterates that homosexuality is a sin and calls homosexuals to repentance, along with heterosexuals involved in orgies, and adultery. But the day and age we’re living in has specially chosen homosexuality to be the sexual sin that must get a free pass. It is all very arbitrary. Polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality are still considered taboo to our society. Yet, what’s to stop them from demanding marital status, social acceptance, and having t-shirts, movies, and music make much of them someday?

All of this may be a reaction to the fact that many Christians have overly condemned one particular sin, namely, homosexuality. Christians see homosexuals flaunting their gayness in the media. This may be why we have been too reactionary, and have singled out this particular sin. However, if you read the Bible it’s not hard to realize that this behavior is not Scripturaly balanced whatsoever. Christians need to be faithful to God’s word. This means we will equally admit that adultery is just as wicked as homosexuality. In addition, we need to be gentle and gracious with those whom are struggling. For all are with sin, and we all appreciate it when people are 1 Cor 13 towards our own sins.

And I can’t change

Even if I tried

Even if I wanted to

And I can’t change

Even if I tried

Even if I wanted to

Correct. The Bible says that the sinful heart is hostile to God. It cannot please God, nor indeed is it capable (Rom 8:6-8). The Bible does not call us to change our hearts. It calls us to believe in Christ and repent of the sin that entangles us. And the sin that we must all repent of usually includes sins which our worldly bodies crave. But Jesus gives us a new heart, with new desires so that we can dwell on righteous and good things so that our inward selves will then be renewed and built up with what is holy. You can’t merely try and you can’t merely want to in and of yourself. You must want Jesus first.

My love, my love, my love

She keeps me warm

But she does not care about your soul.

If I was gay

I would think hip-hop hates me

Have you read the YouTube comments lately

“Man that’s gay”

Gets dropped on the daily

We’ve become so numb to what we’re saying

Our culture founded from oppression

Yet we don’t have acceptance for ’em

Saying things are “gay” can be disrespectful, agreed. But how much does our society accept the opinion of those who call homosexuality a sin and still care for the person? Our society these days would rather vilify such people, with no exceptions, so that they can make their own intolerance and selfishness appear courageous. They are labeled “homophobes” simply for having an opinion that certain sexual behavior is sinful.

Call each other faggots

Behind the keys of a message board

A word rooted in hate

Yet our genre still ignores it

Gay is synonymous with the lesser

It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion

In addition, in our day and age, being religious, especially a Christian, is deemed lesser. So what’s the solution? Tolerance and acceptance? These can be good to a degree, but cannot be the solution. They never will be the solution because those whom demand tolerance never tolerate the intolerant. In addition, tolerance is not from the heart. It’s usually nothing more than passive annoyance until one snaps.

Gender to skin color

Complexion of your pigment

The same fight that led people to walk-outs and sit-ins

Human rights for everybody

There is no difference

People use the Bible to try and back all kinds of causes. No differently, these lyrics try to use the Bible to back the notion that homosexuality ought to be accepted by all. In terms of the Bible, we need to look at what it really says, and do so consistently. It doesn’t do racists any good to take it out of context, and homosexuals are no better when they do the same.

Live on! And be yourself!

When I was in church

They taught me something else

If you preach hate at the service

Those words aren’t anointed

But does our society “hate” those whom believe homosexuality is sinful and call homosexuals to repentance in patience and love?

And that Holy Water

That you soak in

Is then poisoned

When everyone else

Is more comfortable

The Bible should not make homosexuals or heterosexuals comfortable. It corrects, teaches, rebukes, and trains all of us unto holiness.

Remaining voiceless

Rather than fighting for humans

That have had their rights stolen

I might not be the same

But that’s not important

No freedom til we’re equal

Damn right I support it

Many gays are not fighting for equal rights per se, but to obtain the official status of being deemed “married”. In a way, they are trying to mimic monogamous heterosexual relationships, and in fact some gays agree that the idea of monogamous marriage is inconsistent with the gay life-style. He says he supports it. Does he find homosexuality beautiful? Does he find heterosexuality less, equal, or more beautiful?

I don’t know

We press play

Don’t press pause

Progress, march on!

With a veil over our eyes

We turn our back on the cause

‘Till the day

That my uncles can be united by law

Do you want your uncle to have the same state/govt benefits, or is the official status of “married” also just as important? Do you hope that your uncle is faithful to one person, or do you think it’s beautiful if he has sex with as many men as he wants?

Kids are walkin’ around the hallway

Plagued by pain in their heart

A world so hateful

Some would rather die

Than be who they are

And a certificate on paper

Isn’t gonna solve it all

But it’s a damn good place to start

No law’s gonna change us

We have to change us

We live in a society where people are removed from the church and the Bible more than anytime in our nation’s history. We are taking medication for depression more than anytime in history. The common household television show consists of graphic murders. Teen pregnancy and sex is glamorized, idiotic pop-songs are considered brilliant, and mass-school shootings are increasing whereby the suspects motives are psycho-analyzed. We live in an age of the pinnacle of technology, yet are more selfish, impatient, and individualistic than ever before. The list goes on and on. We foolishly think we are free. We are all slaves to this devolution, this reversed renaissance, this downward spiral into nothing. And the artist assumes we have the potential to “change” ourselves, as though we’re almost there and these Republicans are the last stand. Self-deception can produce the mirage of a Utopia.

Whatever god you believe in

We come from the same one


Strip away the fear

Underneath it’s all the same love

About time that we raised up

Love is patient, love is kind

Love is patient (not crying on Sundays)

Love is kind (not crying on Sundays)

Very inconsistent. Part of the Bible is quoted, yet selectively a part which he applies to his own cause. This behavior is really no different than all the other people that he’s against whom use the Bible for their own selfish purposes.



  1. your argument is insufficient and disgusting

  2. you obviously aren’t living my dude, get a life, you’re wack as hell coming into the internet with all that bible bullshit, completely unnecessary and seriously wrong

    • thats not true, he has analyzed this song extremely well, and if you don’t think it is a good analysis, then what would your analysis be like

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