Militant Materialists Dogmatically Won’t Allow Anyone To Say They’re Dogmatic

August 29, 2013

Rupert Sheldrake gives an excellent speech at TED, in early 2013, only later to have it banned from the TED website by the likes of PZ Meyers, and others. He challenged the modern scientific dogma of militant materialism, and rightly so. The great irony is that after challenging such dogma, he is then dogmatically shut off from being allowed to challenge it! These naturalist high priests of science couldn’t make their bias more apparent.

Here is an excerpt of his speech at TED. He beautifully challenges our modern dogmatic paradigm that science is only science when it assumes philosophical naturalism. In other words, and as he puts it, a purely mechanistic view of the world.

Here is Sheldrake’s insightful response to the whole debacle. In addition, he mentions how militant atheists are the face of science to the public.


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