The Sins We Love

June 18, 2015

The sins we hate are also the sins we love because they are also the ones we are too familiar with. They are like old dreaded friends of a schizophrenic. We know they aren’t right, yet we can’t help but hang out with them. Sometimes it gets so bad that we end up destroying the relationships that mean the most to us, especially with God. While these videos are meant for comedy, they still touch on the essence of what it’s like to struggle with temptation, and have it dominate you.

The world will tell us there is freedom in being autonomous, sustaining some invented reality for ourselves, and reaching our supposed self-actualization through others making much of us. But this is all a lie. There is real freedom in being set free from our sin. Especially the sin we love.

How long will I slide?
Turn me on, take me for a hard ride
Turn me off, leave me on the other side
I yell and tell it that it’s not my friend
I tear it down, I tear it down, and then it’s born again



  1. Brother Cameron,

    My church teaches that Jesus suffered in hell to be punished for our sins. But this doesn’t make any sense in light of the thief on the cross where that very day he was to be with him in paradise. Now it is my understanding, according to Luke 16 that there used to be paradise in hell too, along with the place of torment. Further, the belief that Jesus suffered in hell doesn’t fit 1 Peter 3:19 when Jesus went to the spirits in prison to preach. Now, Jesus himself does say in Matt 12:40 that he was to be in the heart of the earth for 3 days.

    Further, I thought punishment for sins was the lake of fire for ever and ever tormented in the second death. But the PENALTY for all sinners is death. Jesus I thought paid the penalty for us whereby his shed blood cleanses all our sins forever.

    Could you clear some things up?

    In Christ,
    Dale family
    Fort Worth, TX

    • Thanks for asking Jonathan. Some people teach that Jesus had to somehow pay a ransom to Satan, or undergo Satan’s wrath in hell as some kind of atonement for sin. That is simply not Biblical.

      Satan is not in charge in hell, Jesus is. John 5 and Revelation teach that all authority is given to the Son, and he is the final Judge, not Satan by any means. Satan is thrown into the lake of fire eventually too. He is punished for his own sin in hell. He is not in charge of hell. That is more of a false medieval view of hell. Further, no where in Scripture does it teach that we or Jesus owe Satan anything. Why would we? Satan is a finite creation of God, and is simply a means unto God’s sovereign end. Rather, our sin is ultimately against God (Psalm 51), and it is God’s wrath that is vindicated on the cross, hence Isaiah 53:10 says “it pleased Yahweh to crush him”.

      Who punishes sin? God does. Jesus became the substitute lamb to be slaughtered for sin. Satan does not punish our sin in Christ. God punishes our sin in Christ because it is against God that we’ve sinned. We have not sinned against Satan, nor is that even fathomable.

      Satan’s wrath is only able to afflict people in this world, to the extent that God allows it (Job). Satan also thought he was winning when Jesus was being crucified. That was Satan’s only opportunity to think he was punishing Christ, by confusing unbelievers to put him to death. That’s the scandal of the cross. The worst event in history ended up being the most victorious.

      Also, before Jesus gave up his spirit he said “tetelistai” (paid in full). The cross fully atones for sin.

      The view that Jesus went to hell takes away from the power of the cross, gives way to much power to Satan, and takes away from the holiness of God. Hell is ultimately a place of God’s wrath. Jesus likens it to a place where fruitless branches are gathered and thrown into a fire. Jesus does not need to go to hell to endure God’s wrath. He just got done fully enduring it on the cross. The cross was Jesus’ hell. A dual sentence would be arbitrary because the fine was already taken care of on the cross.

      For what my opinion is worth over this blog, I’d recommend a more Biblically sound church. Hopefully that helps some, and God bless you and your family. 🙂

      • Since when is all that true? Satan chose to be the ruler of Hell and Jesus used the cross that he died on as an instrument to counter his supernatural enemies.

        And the son of God did descend into Hell just to free its prisoners except three. And the Devil couldn’t keep him there because he (Satan) was too powerless to do that.

        Once Jesus was done being in the opposite of Heaven, he left that downright horrible place and went back to his proper home.

      • Satan chose to be the ruler of Hell

        Thanks for the reply, but please prove this, and just don’t assert it. There is no verse in Scripture that teaches that Satan chose to be the ruler of hell. He can’t be the ruler of it since he will be thrown into it by the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, what you’re saying can only be a reading into the text, or a man-made tradition.

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