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“God Doesn’t Want Us To Be Robots!” (A Prevenient God vs. An Efficacious God)

September 8, 2010

We’ve probably heard it said many times when Christians talk about how God loves everyone equally, he doesn’t want to force us to love him back, but rather gives us free-will to decide if we will love him back or not. God doesn’t want to force us to love him back. “He doesn’t want us to be robots!” Really? Romans 6 says we’re either a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness. I don’t see a problem with being a robot, but rather a problem with what kind of robot you are. It’s the typical mainstream Christian in America, or the Arminian prevenient gospel, that usually emphasizes the catch phrase, “God doesn’t want robots”.

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A Conversation About Calvinism and Arminianism

November 19, 2009

Here is a discussion I had with a Roman Catholic about the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism. In this discussion the Catholic, or Nick, was the Arminian and I was the Calvinist. Now when I say he was Arminian I mean in the broad sense of Arminianism as it is equated with “synergism” or “semi-Pelagianism”. In other words, the notion that God’s grace is “prevenient”, or God is standing by waiting for an indifferent sinner to respond to God appropriately for salvation.

In fact, Roman Catholics are Arminian in this sense but are on the far left of the Arminian spectrum (close to Pelagianism) because a lot of cooperation with God is required for  salvation. Life long works and sacraments are required for the Catholic’s salvation. On the other hand, non-Calvinistic Protestants would be on the far right of the Arminian spectrum whereby almost nothing is required for salvation. In this case, one only needs to cooperate a little with God and conjure some mental or emotional faith in order to be saved.

But once you cross over into Calvinism (it’s just terminology, don’t freak out) nothing is required of man for his salvation (however much is required after salvation).

Here is a chart I made. Hopefully it helps shed light on an ever so dark subject matter.

Here is the respectful discussion:

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God’s Sovereignty Brings Forth the Real Gospel

October 13, 2008

The words “personal Savior” are never mentioned in Scripture. In the greatest evangelistic book ever, Acts, how is it that the Apostles call sinners to Christ? That’s a good question because it should tell us how we might need to call sinners to Christ. The answer is they call sinners to receive Christ, not into their hearts as a Depeche Mode style “personal Jesus”, but as ‘Kurios’, or Lord. Lord means ‘master’ or ‘boss-man’.

As Ernest Reisinger said in his book ‘Today’s Evangelism: It’s Message and Methods’ pg. 49-50, “what sinners need is for Christ to do something for them, instead of them needing to do something with Christ!” See the vast difference?

Secondly, we are called to repent. The future of our lives should look different then our past. We must have sorrow for sin, but also sorrow unto enthusiastic change only because of grace.

Those who do these two things can rest assure that Christ lived the perfect life they couldn’t, and was crushed for their sin instead of them. Those who do these two things, and do so continually until they die are those who can call themselves Christians because they know they are right with Christ (our Judge), get to become like Him, get to commune with Him and His people, and will get to know and experience Him forever! Amen!

These are James R. White’s closing comments in a Calvinist/Arminian debate. These words speak well on the current state of the gospel (a self-help gospel) and modern evangelism.


Should The Calvinist Blush for Preaching The Gospel? (revised)

April 25, 2008


Many Arminians claim that Calvinists do not need to preach the gospel because Calvinists believe that God will save the elect (those whom God chooses to save) anyways. But is the fact that God will bring in His elect with or without our help a sufficient reason to halt evangelism altogether? Here are my thoughts:

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