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Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, Jehova’s Witnesses, and Mormons, Need To Connect The Biblical Dots

September 16, 2011

I’ve heard Muslims say many times that “the prophets of the OT don’t mention Jesus”. Actually, this assumtion goes against the Jewish quest to find Messianic passages. Granted, many Jews today reject that Jesus is their Messiah, however, how can one escape the clear connection between Christ and Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, etc?

Further, how can a Jew who rejects Jesus Christ as Messiah, make sense of Psalm 110? This is one of the greatest Messianic Psalms in all the Torah (OT). Yet, the only way to make sense of this Messianic Psalm is if Jesus, as revealed in the NT, is the Divine Messiah.

This Psalm says two profound things:

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Questions For Muslims

September 9, 2011

In commemoration of 911, I have some theological questions for “radical” and “moderate” Muslims out there.

1. Why don’t you believe in the doctrine of the Trinity? Or at least, why don’t you believe this doctrine to be a possibility, even within your own religion? I’ve heard that Islam holds to a monad view of God, but is this backed by the Quran? To my knowledge, Muslims believe they can’t know any details about Allah’s nature. If so, why can’t it be a possibility that Allah is triune?

Here’s how I’m definig “Trinity”, or “triune”.

2. Muslims believe that Christianity is false because of the doctrine of the incarnation of Christ. It’s believed by Muslims that God could never take on additional human nature. But if Allah is God, and is all-powerful, could Allah if he so chose take on additional nature as a human?